SAP SD Tables

SD related tables and structures


This page will discuss SAP tables and structures used in SAP Sales and Distribution. This can be used as a ready reference for writing FS or for data analysis.

  • Transaction code: SE16N can be used to view data in Table
  • Transaction code: SE11 can be used to view Table structure

Sales Document

VBAKSales Document: Header Data
VBAPSales Document: Item Data
VBKDSales Document: Business Data/Sales district data
VAKPAPartner index
VBFADocument Flow
VBEPSales Document: Schedule Line / Data related to line items, delivery lines
VBAKUKSales Document: Header and Status Data
VBUPSales Document: Item Status
VBUKHeader Status and Administrative Data
VBBESales Requirements: Individual Records
VBBSSummarized requirements
VBUVIncompletion log
VBLBForecast delivery schedules
VEDAContract Data
VBKASales activity


Outbound Delivery Document

LIKPDelivery Document: Header data
LIPSDelivery Document: Item data

Shipping and Transportation Management

VTTKShipment header
VTTPShipment item
VTTSStage in transport
VTSPStage in transport per shipment item
VTPAShipment partners
VEKPHandling Unit – Header Table
VEPOPacking: Handling Unit Item – Contents

Customer Billing Document

VBRKBilling: Header data
VBRPBilling: Item data

Customer Master

KNA1Customer Master: General Data
KNB1Customer Master: Company Code Data
KNB4Customer Payment History
KNB5Customer Master: Dunning data
KNBKCustomer Master: Bank Details
KNBWCustomer Master: Wwithholding tax types
KNKACustomer Master: Credit Mgmt.
KNKKCustomer Master: Credit Control Area Data – credit limits
KNVACustomer Master: Loading/Unloading Points
KNVDCustomer Master: Record sales request form/documents
KNVHCustomer Hierarchies
KNVICustomer Master: Tax Indicator
KNVKCustomer Master: Contact Partner
KNVLCustomer Master: Licenses
KNVPCustomer Master: Partner Functions
KNVSCustomer Master: Shipping Data
KNVTCustomer Master: Record Texts for Sales
KNVVCustomer Master: Sales Data
KLPACustomer/Vendor Link

Material Master

MARAGeneral Material Data
MVKESales Data for Material
MARCPlant Data for Material
MARDStorage Location Data for Material
MAKTShort texts
MARMConversion factors
MVKESales data – for each sales organization and distribution channel
MLANSales data – for each country
MAEXExport licenses
MBEWValuation data
MLGNWarehouse management inventory data
MLGTWarehouse management inventory type data
MVERConsumption data
MAPRPointers for forecast data
MCH1Cross-plant Batches
MCHBBatch stocks
KNMTKHeader table – for increased performance
KNMTData table

Bill of Material (BOM)

MASTMaterial assignment to BOM
EQSTEquipment assignment to BOM
KDSTSales order assignment to BOM
DOSTDocument assignment to BOM
STSTStandard object assignment to BOM
TPSTFunctional location assignment to BOM
STKOBOM header data
STZUTime-independent STL data
STASBOM item selection
STPOBOM item data
STPUBOM sub-item data

Sales and Purchasing Pricing

KOMKPricing Communications: Header (Structure)
KOMPPricing Communication: Item (Structure)
KONVConditions: Transaction Data
KONPConditions: Item
KONHConditions: Header
VEDAContract Data


NASTOutput: Message Status


STXHTexts: Header
STXLTexts: Line