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QA Course | SAP Quality Assurance | SAP Training Centers in NY

SAP Training centers in NY

QA Course | SAP Quality Assurance | SAP Training Centers in NY

A Software Testing Training Course – Best in Person QA Training

SAP Training centers in NY, We always strive to give back the knowledge that we gain from our experiences to the testing fraternity. To extend the same philosophy, we are coming up with a more structured curriculum in the form of a Software testing course.

It is going to include everything there is to know for you to become a perfect Software Tester. This software testing QA training course, SAP Training centers in NY is designed by working professionals in a way that, over the course of 40+ hours it will progress from introducing you to the basics of software testing to advanced topics like Software configuration management, creating a test plan, test estimations etc. along with introduction and familiarity with Automation testing and tools like QTP and QC.

What You Will Learn:

Who is this Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing Training Course for?

This software testing course is the perfect opportunity for all those who are looking for Software Testing (basics + advanced) training. If you are new to the IT field, want to increase your software testing knowledge, and want to pursue a career in Testing or if you want to make a career move from a different technology, this course is just for you. See course details below.

In this course, we will teach you the most practical things required for you to get and survive a software testing job.

  • If you are a just college pass out, this is EXACTLY what you are looking for to open the doors for your dream career
  • If you are an experienced professional from ANY other field but wanted to be in IT, this course will help you make this switch smoothly
  • If you are an experienced testing professional, you will be amazed by the new things and advanced tactics you will learn to work efficiently and smartly in this field.

The Online Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Course Benefits:

  1. Syllabus: We came up with a unique list of topics that will help you gradually work your way into the testing world. It not just includes the traditional testing methodologies but will give you a glimpse of the ways of testing that are coming up.
  2. Interactive: It is going to be completely interactive. Our aim is to make each class feel like a brainstorming session.
  3. Practice sessions: With each topic, we will give you assignments in a way that you will get to apply the theory you learned immediately.
  4. Communication improvement: We believe that a tester’s expertise should have a reach that is beyond technical knowledge.  Through this software testing course, we want to train you on how to be an IT professional and not just a tester. Your verbal and written communication skills are going to be vastly improved through this course because we are going to interact on a regular basis.
  5. Resume Support and Interview preparation: We will review your resume and let you know how you can make it more effective.  We will not just give you a list of interview questions, we will go over them with you and make you job-ready.
  6. Support: Our Team is going to be available to you via email or the website for you to reach out to us


SAP Training centers in NY

Quality Assurance (QA) Training Course is an integral part of today’s complex and distributed development environment. By making use of Cloud Test Lab, through this course you can be sure of gaining real-time project and hands-on knowledge. This course lets you manage and test quality assurances in SAP rollouts, along with explaining the fundamentals of SAP net Weaver. Think Tree Technologies Quality Assurance Course conducted in its SAP Training Centers in NY, USA, makes you proficient in both, manual and automated testing. It elevates your skills for testing in varied environments, such as SAP, ETL, web services and mobile app testing across a range of domains, such as banking, telecom and healthcare.

 The Main Objective of Undertaking QA Course

Training you to be a perfect software tester, our QA course empowers you with adequate knowledge in quality management processes. It enhances your fundamental concepts in software and manual testing. From basics on software testing to complex applications, such as test estimations and software configuration management and automated testing tools like QC and QTP, this course covers all aspects. The course helps you to demarcate the difference between quality assurance, quality planning and quality control. It lets you to truly appreciate the standards in the quality management process and how it influences the final outcome of the product.

Real-Time Benefits of Undertaking Online QA Testing Course in Think Tree Tech’s SAP Training Centers in NY, USA

The biggest advantage of undertaking QA training course is the number of finances and time it saves an organization all throughout the development process of the software. By building a quality culture and grass root level orientation in an organization, the QA course leads to amplify performance and control. It lends the focus in the training spent and dials up the credibility with respective clients while embedding long-term relationships with them. It assists in handling sensitive information by preventing real-time catastrophic corporate emergencies. It leads to a great end-user experience and customer satisfaction, who as a result is more likely to refer your product or services to others. All in all, QA course lets you steer clear of chaotic faulty software processes whilst promoting productivity, efficiency and ultimately, job satisfaction.

Scope and Career Opportunities With SAP QA

SAP QA course is imperative for organizations who always want to stay ahead of deadlines while maintaining 100% accurate results.  The person undertaking QA training course in Think Tree Tech’s SAP Training Centers in NY can be sure of upholding the quality and maintaining resources in any given project within their organization. You will be asked to conduct periodic tests and come up with an instructional manual that will enhance the overall product quality standards. One of the basic requirements of your job profile would be to oversee the production as per the rules or conditions under the purview of quality standards.

Are you The Right Candidate for QA Software Testing Training Course?

Quality Assurance is one integral software-testing course that is perfect for those who are looking at Software Testing training at a basic or advanced level. Whether you are a recent graduate or a newbie in the field of IT who wants to brush up on his or her software testing knowledge or you want to study specifically for being a QA manager, QA testing specialist QA testing engineer or QA quality audit team, this course is the right fit for you. Candidates who want to partake in Think Tree Techs’ QA Course must have the basic knowledge of material management, production management and must be dedicated to the goal of delivering the highest quality products or services to the ended user.

Course Content:

Software Testing Help – Manual + Automation Basics Class – Training Plan

Week 1 – Topics

  • SDLC
  • V model
  • STLC
  • Different Kinds of testing
  • Test Planning

Week 2 – Topics

  • Test documentation
  • Test Environment set up
  • Test data
  • Test cases
  • Entire Flow/Test Execution

Week 3 – Topics

  • Test Reporting – Metrics
  • Defects
  • Traceability Matrix
  • UAT
  • Change Management and other miscellaneous topics

Week 4 – Topics

  • GUI testing
  • Testing standalone applications
  • Automation introduction
  • Test Management tools
  • Other automation topics – buffer day for automation concepts

Week 5 – Topics

  • How to Prepare a Professional Resume
  • How to Crack Software Testing Interview
  • Individual resume help, mock interviews and certification guidance.
  • Also, if we could not complete anything in the four weeks- we will catch up here.

Why Enroll with Software Testing Help?

  • Course training by experienced working professionals who are passionate about software testing
  • Instructor-led LIVE training sessions
  • Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • The practical learning experience with live project work and examples
  • Individual mock interview session
  • Job placement assistance with job alerts until you get your first job
  • Free eBooks and loads of software testing study material
  • Video recordings available to revise training
  • Assistance for selecting the best certification program based on your experience and educational background
  • Assistance for passing the ISTQB certification with our premium ISTQB question bank
  • Course completion certificate (on request)
  • All-time support for your questions
  • Lifetime enrollment – Pay a one-time fee and access video training sessions as many times as you want.  (no need to worry about missing any live session)


  • Our premium Software Testing Career Package eBook valued $15, yours for free.
  • ISTQB Premium study material for free
  • Resume review and assistance to prepare a professional resume

FREE Demo Sessions:
Try a free demo session to see for yourself the quality of this software testing training course that is offered at an unbelievable price.
Demo sessions on – Introduction to Test Planning and Day 1 of the course.

Why Only Limited Seats?
We will be letting limited people in on the batch. We want to make sure we are providing personal attention to each student in order to make you a perfect software tester.

Live training sessions will be conducted using GoToTraining online training software. You don’t need an account. We will send an invitation to join the live sessions.


SAP Training centers in NY

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Estimated Duration 80 Hours

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