Training Methodology

Our Training Methodology.

ThinkTree, SAP Training in the Tri-state area will be conducted in the following methods.

In Classroom Training:

We have several classrooms in our training facility and all the classes are conducted in a class setting with live faculty conducting classes.

Online Training:

It is not possible to attend online classes for some individuals due to different reasons in the classroom, these individuals may also attend online classes in the same class. The online students attend the same class taught by a live faculty.

Free weekly SAP SEMINAR

The SAP is very broad and has several modules in it, so it is very difficult to evaluate so appreciate each of these modules’ brief background/overview. In order to provide an SAP summary, we provide free weekly seminars so that people with information in hand can make better decisions about SAP.

For specifics of the weekly SAP training please contact our Training Director.

Free Background Evaluation Matrix

This decision to choose the right SAP module is very critical and difficult. The selection of the right SAP module in the entire SAP journey is the very necessary first phase. The offers a free context assessment service and recommends a suitable SAP module. 

Please contact our Assessment Matrix Training Director.